Custom Personalized Back Phone Case For Samsung Note 4


Looking for your Note 4 to be even more personalized? Try this form-fitting rubber protective cover to show off that nice look of your Note 4. Even better, you can customize the case to create a case unique to you and your Note 4. All designs/images should be uploaded at 500 dpi.
Made of rubber,plastic and metal
Black outer shell for protection
Full access to ports and control buttons
Only fits SamSung Galaxy Note 4

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Custom phone cases are great for protecting and styling your most valuable possession. A robust and reliable plastic case for your Samsung Galaxy Note 4. A nice clean black base colour with your photo printed on top!
Thousands of design ideas has been integrated at wellcustom already! you can eaily use and modify it. Designing your own custom Note 4 case can be done easily in five minutes.


★ Plastic with dull polish

★ TPU soft plastic border, more easy to disassemble

★ Anti-drop and earthquake resistance



Type Device Samsung Note 4
Type of printing High resolution, UV print, Printing on the back
Material Plastic
Finishing Anti-scratch, Durable, Matte
Available colors Black


Make your own Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone case.

We know that your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is a beautiful piece of equipment, but dont you want to keep it looking that way for as long as possible? Now you can without sacrificing its looks. Here at GoCustomized we give you that option to customise your own phone case. Our Galaxy Note 4 Hard case is especially designed for your phone. All buttons and access ports are easily accessible. Your personal design will be printed on the entire back of the case. So what are you waiting for, get creative!

How do I design my case?

Making a Samsung case is a fun job with our easy-to-use design module. But the question is: Do you have a unique design to put together? You will certainly not be the only one who will make a case for the Note 4 at WellCustom! Your originality is put to the test. The design will be printed on the cover using a UV printing technique. It all starts with minuscule droplets of liquid polymer material. Your design is cured by UV light layer by layer after it has been laid down. In this way it adheres to the other layers and solidifies immediately. The hardened ink is weather-resistant and scratch-resistant, so this printing technique only makes the case stronger. This way your S3 is provided with the best protection possible and a tailor-made costume.

I have finished the designing process, what now?

When you are done with the design, please press “Save” button you will back to the product description page, you will see your design has been added. Then press “Add To Cart” step by step to check out your order. We will immediately start producing, normally it will take 1-3 days for processing. So that you can enjoy your personal phone case as fast as possible. All covers are made with precision and care so that you receive the cover you always wanted.