Privacy Policy

PRIVACY POLICY (“WellCustom”, “we” and “us”) processes privacy-sensitive data (personal data). Careful treatment of personal data is very important to WellCustom, which is why we process personal data with the greatest care and confidentiality.

In this privacy policy, we explain what personal data we collect and process, and for what purpose. We recommend that you read this privacy policy carefully.

This privacy policy applies to:

a)  Visitors to one of WellCustom’s websites (available at the following addresses: );

b)  (Potential) customers and other persons with whom WellCustom communicates, or tries to communicate, by email, a contact form, or phone;

c)  Receivers of WellCustom’s digital newsletters or commercial emails;

d)  WellCustom’s customers, the contacts of these business customers, and the customers of our resellers (the ones you buy from);

e)  All other persons who contact WellCustom and whose personal data are processed by WellCustom.

The following definitions apply throughout this privacy policy:

a)  You/your: the one whose personal data are processed by WellCustom;

b)  personal data: all data that is related to you and can be traced back to you;

c)  personal data processing: a treatment or series of treatments with regard to personal data or aggregate personal data, carried out with automated procedures or otherwise, such as collecting, recording, arranging, structuring, storing, updating, altering, retrieving, consulting, using, providing by transmitting, distributing, or otherwise disclosing, aligning, combining, shielding, erasing, or destroying data;

d)  reseller: the seller with whom you place an order through a (website) module connected to WellCustom’s systems. These orders are sent to WellCustom directly through the website module, and are handled by WellCustom on reseller’s behalf.

1 – When do we receive your personal data?

WellCustom receives personal data from you in the following situations:

a)  When you visit (one of) the Websites;

b)  when you contact us, for example by email, a contact form on one of the Websites, or phone;

c)  when you sign up for WellCustom’s newsletters or commercial emails;

d)  When you place an order through the web shop of (one of) the Websites or one of WellCustom’s resellers

e)  When you create and/or use an account on (one of) the Websites;

2 – What personal data do we collect from you?

Website visit:

When you visit the Websites, our servers automatically store information such as URL, IP address, browser type and language, and date and time of the visit.

Contact with WellCustom:

When you contact WellCustom, for example to request information, WellCustom stores the personal data you provide, if this is necessary to respond to your request properly.

Newsletters and commercial emails:

We will only send you an email newsletter about our products and/or services if you have given us your explicit permission to do so. You can always opt out from receiving the newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter, or by changing your account settings.

Furthermore, we may contact customers by email to offer them our own products and services and those similar to the ones they ordered from us. If you wish not to receive these emails from us, you can also use the unsubscribe button (right of objection).

Placing orders:

When you place an order through one of WellCustom’s Websites or a reseller, we process the following personal data:

– First and last name

– company name (if applicable)

– email address

– Phone number

– Invoice address

– Delivery address

– Payment details

Registration and use of account:

If you create a WellCustom account, you will not have to enter your personal data for each order individually. The account also provides you with an overview of the products and services you purchased from us. In some cases, this account is necessary for the performance of the agreement, invoicing, and payment. To create an account, we need the data specified above to place an order. Additionally, we will process the following data:

– User name (chosen by you);

– Password (chosen by you): the password is hashed and will remain invisible to us

– Other information that you choose to share with us;

– An overview of your WellCustom order history.

3 – Purposes for processing data

Website visit:

The Websites keep track of general visit data and clicking behavior to enable us to optimize the Websites’ infrastructure and improve the provision of information, but also to fight fraud.

Additionally, we place cookies on your computer, smartphone, or tablet during the use of the Websites. More information about WellCustom’s use of cookies is provided below.

Contact with WellCustom:

If you request information from WellCustom, WellCustom processes the personal data you provided in order to respond to your request and/or answer your questions.


If you have provided us with your email address, you can sign up for our free newsletter. We will only send you this newsletter if you have indicated that you wish to receive it. You can always opt out from receiving the newsletter by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of the newsletter, or by changing your account settings.

Placing orders:

You can order products from WellCustom through your account. We will use your personal data to process the order. More specifically, this includes the following purposes:

(i)  The acceptance of your order;

(ii)  The processing of your order and shipping your product;

(iii)  Keeping you informed about the status of your order;

(iv)  Invoicing;

(v)  Dealing with questions and complaints.

The data related to an order, shall be stored for as long as necessary to process the delivery and payment, or longer in case a dispute arises between you and WellCustom. If you create a WellCustom account, you can also find an overview of your order history there. In that case, your orders shall be stored for as long as your account remains in existence.


The personal data in your account shall be processed to make it easier for you to use the Websites and place orders. Furthermore, we will use the personal data to create and maintain your account, but also to detect, remedy, and prevent fraud, abuse, or unauthorized use of your account. We will store the personal data for as long as your account remains in existence, and longer in case this is necessary for WellCustom, for example if a dispute has arisen between you and WellCustom.

Other purposes for the use of personal data

We may also use the personal data you provide us through on of the Websites for the following purposes:

(i)  To perform another agreement between you and WellCustom;

(ii)  To develop and improve WellCustom’s Websites and products;

(iii)  For quality and management purposes, such as internal checks, audits, accountant checks, and assessments;

(iv)  To comply with legal obligations;

(v)  For the security of the Websites and to fight fraud and abuse of the Websites.

4 – Grounds

Personal data shall only be processed if one of the following conditions (grounds) applies:

– you have given permission to do so;

– it is necessary for the performance of the agreement to which you are a party (such as a purchase agreement), or to which the legal entity you represent is a party;

– it is necessary to comply with WellCustom’s legal obligations;

– it is necessary to protect your or another natural person’s vital interests (this ground rarely applies);

– it is necessary to look after WellCustom’s or a third party’s justified interests, unless your interests or constitutional rights and fundamental freedom carry more weight than WellCustom’s and/or the third party’s interests.

5 – The use of cookies

What are cookies?

When you visit our Websites, cookies and similar technologies are stored to your computer, smartphone, tablet, or other device. Cookies are small text files that are created and stored to your computer, smartphone, or tablet during the use of the Websites.

Cookies used by WellCustom

WellCustom uses the following functional cookies, which are cookies that do not process personal data:

– The functional cookies make sure the Websites work correctly, for example by keeping you logged into your account (without needing to enter your log-in data every time), and by remembering what products are in your shopping basket and sending the correct amount to check-out

– We use analytical cookies to analyze what, when, and how much you purchase, or which pages of the Website(s) you visit and when. This enables us to make sure that the right products are in stock at the right moment, and to optimize the ease of use of the Website(s).

In case you have given your explicit consent, WellCustom uses cookies to map out your interests and to show you specific advertisements based on this.

On our Websites, you will also find buttons to social media such as Facebook and Twitter. To make these buttons work, we use cookies of those social media parties, so that they recognize you when you want to share something from our Websites. Third parties place advertisements on the Websites as well. These third parties also use cookies to optimize their services.

Refusing cookies

You can decide for yourself whether you want to accept cookies, or to receive a notification from your browser when a cookie is placed. You can do this by changing your browser settings. As every browser is different, you should check your browser’s manual to find out how to do this for your browser. You can also remove installed cookies from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

6 – Security

For the processing of personal data, WellCustom maintains a security level that is sufficient to prevent unauthorized access, changes, publication, or loss of your personal data, within the possibilities of the state of the art. The Websites use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, recognizable by “https://” and the lock symbol in the address bar.

Of course, the security of your personal data in your account also depends on the secrecy of your account data (password). For this reason, you should handle your account data carefully, and never provide them to anyone.

7 – Right of inspection and erasure

You can always request access to your data, or ask WellCustom to alter or erase them. If you have created an account, you can always check and change your personal data by logging into your account. For some personal data, WellCustom is legally obliged to keep them. WellCustom cannot change and/or erase such personal data at your request.

Furthermore, you have the right to request access to your data, or ask WellCustom to alter or erase them. For some personal data, WellCustom is legally obliged to keep them. WellCustom cannot change and/or erase such personal data at your request. Remember that, after we have altered or erased your data at your request, it is possible that these data remain in our back-ups for some time, until those back-ups are also erased.

In some cases, you also have the right to receive your personal data that we process in a structured, generally accepted, and machine-readable format, and to transfer these data, if they are processed in a way that grants you the right of transferability of the data under the applicable laws and regulations.

To exercise the aforementioned rights, please send an email to  [email protected].

8 – Third parties

We shall not share your personal data with third parties without your permission, unless:

  1. it is necessary to do so for the performance of the agreement between you and WellCustom, for example with regard to the payment and delivery of the products you ordered; and/or

  2. this third party is WellCustom’s processor (see below); and/or

  3. WellCustom must disclose personal data to government bodies because of a legal obligation or an emergency; and/or

  4. WellCustom’s business activities are reorganized or transferred, as a result of which WellCustom must transfer the personal data to another organization.

9 – Third party privacy policies

WellCustom’sprivacy and cookie policy does not apply to third party websites, even if WellCustom has placed a hyperlink to those websites on its Websites.

When you place an order with a reseller, that reseller’s own privacy policy shall apply. This privacy policy of WellCustom only applies as far as related to WellCustom’s response to the order.

WellCustom does not accept any responsibility or liability for the way third parties or resellers handle personal data and cookies. We recommend that you take knowledge of the privacy and cookie policies of those websites before visiting them.

10 – Processors

WellCustom hires third parties to process your personal data. These third parties (processors) shall only process your personal data as ordered by us, and we make processing agreements with these third parties to meet the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.  This above includes hosting service providers.

11 – Storage Periods

Your personal data shall be stored for as long as necessary for the realization of the objectives for which they were processed. After the (legal) storage period, your personal data shall be destroyed.

The above does not apply in case WellCustom has a legal obligation to keep the personal data longer.

10 – Contact WellCustom

If you have any questions about this privacy policy, please contact WellCustom via the contact details provided below.

ShenZhen AnQi Co.,Ltd.

Longkang road, BaoAn district, ShenZhen

GuangDong Province, China

Email address: [email protected]

11 – Changes

This privacy policy may be changed from time to time. The most recent privacy policy can be found on the Websites. We recommend that you keep informed on the privacy policy on the Websites before entering new personal data.